| Pricing & More information regarding our line of SISER Heat Transfer Films |

SignWarehouse.com offers SISER Thermal Transfers for Shirts, garments and other fabrics. These are multi-color Cad Cuttable films for use with Shirts and other textiles. Cad Cuttable means you can cut it with a regular vinyl cutter!

This material is well established in the sports, fashion, and leisure industries. Using a Vinyl Cutter and a Heat Press you can produce vibrant, easy to weed and apply graphics to shirts, umbrellas, and tote bags, just to name a few. If using the ColorPrint materials you can print digital graphics using your large format printer, then take the print to a vinyl cutter to contour cut around the printed image. SignWarehouse offers the following products from SISER ®: EasyWeed, VideoFlex PU, VideoFlex Extra, Reflect-ALL, ColorPrint, ColorPrint Crystal, GlitterPrint, Fluorsecents, ColorMask Tape.