A Closer Look at the PrismJET VJ48 Plus Printer Webinar

Thinking of making the jump to large format printing?

The PrismJET VJ48 Plus is our best-selling printer. This sign industry workhorse produces exceptional value by virtue of its simplicity, reliability and versatility. How versatile? The PrismJET VJ48 Plus prints on vinyl, banner, or other media. Plus, it is the only printer capable of printing directly to pre-hemmed and pre-grommeted banner media, as well. So you can practically print on everything! PrismJET VJ48 Plus might be just what you need to take your business to the next level.

We’ll show you in this pre-recorded webinar…

  • How to save time by printing on grommeted banners
  • Limitless profitable indoor & outdoor print applications
  • How to create decals with a printer – cutter combo
  • Production advantages of the Print and Cut system
  • How quickly a PrismJET VJ48 Plus can pay for itself.
  • Plus answer many more of your questions!

Webinar Handouts

During the event, we had a couple of handouts, which you can access here. Just click to download. Read, learn, grow, & prosper!

SignCollege Support & Resources

For answers to questions about recommended maintenance, color management, print media and lamination, please refer to these SignCollege articles below.

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