Drinkware Decoration: Profitable Opportunities Webinar

How to Apply Decorated DrinkwareGet in On the Hottest Trend in Personalization: Drinkware Decoration!
Whether it’s a YETI tumbler or a mug with simple vinyl graphics, demand for personalized drinkware is high. Find out how to make money in this growing market segment with a vinyl cutter or printer. The Digital Drinkware Decoration webinar will be about 30 minutes plus Q & A.

We’ll show you…
• How easy it is to customize drinkware with vinyl
• The profit picture: how to maximize margins
• Digital print applications for drinkware
• How to use a mug press
• Tips and techniques

Related Products
Did we mention something you’d like to try or buy? Check the list below for quick links to products mentioned in the webinar.
endura GlitterCAST Ultrametallic Vinyl. This cast glitter film is an excellent choice for decorating stainless steel tumblers.
Schein Glitter Holographic Vinyl. For blingy mug decals, there’s nothing more brilliant!
Hartco 135s Glass Etch Stencil Mask. Thicker stencil film for application on flat surfaces and simple curves.
ORACAL 751 Cast Vinyl. 751 can be used for mug decals or as an etched glass stencil film on glasses with compound curves.
Heat Resistant Sublimation Tape. Perfect for sealing your transfers to the mug for crisp clean images
Geo Knight Digital Combo Heat Press. If you already have a sublimation printer and just need the combo heat press and mug attachment, start here.
DC Combo Attachments. The Full mug, 1/2 mug, cap and other attachments for the amazing DC Combo heat press live here.
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