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One of the best opportunities to add to your overall revenue is to get into a niche market. They are relatively free of competition allowing you to sell at a higher margin. Screen printed wearables are the highest volume niche market you can get into.

Screen printing is numbers driven. If your customer orders just a dozen shirts, you would charge $12 to $15 each. If he orders 40 shirts, you would charge $9. Most businesses tell us the average order is 40 shirts. What about production costs? The average cost of a T-shirt is about $2.40. (Light-color shirts cost less and dark shirts more. And you can buy shirts cheaper in quantity.) Ink and screen costs add in another $.08 to $.10. If you sell 40 shirts, an average order, at $8 each, that’s $320. Now when you subtract material costs of $100 that yields $220 of gross profit. And it can all be done in about an hour!

Already own a sign or other business? Then expand into screen printing while you run your existing business. Capture an additional revenue stream. Add on any number of additional items. Start with T-shirts, then get into caps, tote bags, signs and more. Screen printing is a simple, straight forward process that is easy and fun to learn. Our screen printer come with an easy to understand start-up guide and screen printing book. Order now!