Basic Steps to Make A Banner

Here’s how it’s done.

    1. Prepare the Substrate

We need to remove any lint or debris which may be on your banner. Use a cleaning agent to wipe these materials.

    1. Pre-Mask the Graphic

Using the Pre-Mask tape dispenser, lay down a layer of Pre-Mask tape over the pre-cut, pre-weeded vinyl graphic. If your graphic is large, you may need to overlap the tape to cover the entire graphic.

    1. Mark the Substrate

Proper alignment is very important. Mark the center of your substrate. This includes the top, bottom, and sides.

    1. Mark the Graphic

Repeat the same steps as above. Making sure to align to use the same measurements from the substrate.

    1. Hinge the Graphic

Lay the graphic down and hinge it into place using masking tape.

    1. Remove the Liner and Squeegee the Graphic.

Do this for both the left and right sides.

    1. Remove the “App Tape” or Pre-Mask Tape.

It is best to pull the “App Tape” back onto itself to reduce the chances of the vinyl pulling off with the tape. It’s all in using the correct angle.

    1. Squeegee again using a Teflon Sleeve.

The Teflon sleeve reduces the chances of damaging the exposed vinyl.

Congratulations you’ve made a banner!

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