Sign Making is Very Simple!

Here are the steps:

Step 1) Create the graphic file.

Using easy to use, specialized sign making software like Vinyl Express LXi or Flexi Sign, create your vector* graphic. It can be built from scratch or pulled from a pre-built clip art stored on your computer r a disc.

*Vector means you can make the image as big as you want without any degradation. By the way, a photograph is NOT a vector file.

Step 2) Send the vector file to your Vinyl Cutter.

A vinyl cutter is a device which uses a tiny blade to cut designs into rolls or sheets of vinyl.

Step 3) Weed the excess vinyl.

After the vinyl cutter has finished cutting, you now have to weed the vinyl graphic. Using an Exacto Knife or a weeding kit, remove the unneeded sections of vinyl. Basically this is the material which won’t be used.

Step 4) Pre-Mask the Graphic

When you’re done weeding, we will now pre-mask the graphic. Using a special tape called Pre-Mask or “App Tape”, you’ll apply a layer over your vinyl graphic. Depending on the size of your graphics or text, you may need to overlap the graphic with additional layers of tape. This tape will allow you to remove the vinyl from its release liner when it comes time to apply the graphic to your substrate.

Step 5) Mark for Alignment.

It’s now time to mount the graphic to your substrate. A substrate is simply the object the vinyl will be adhered to. Examples could be glass, like a door, Corplastic signs, which are signs that you most often see on the side of the road at intersections. Other examples could be a floor for floor graphics, or a vehicle for advertising on doors or back windows. There are many different types of substrates. Before we mount the vinyl graphic, we first have to mark the substrate for alignment. Do this by centering the graphic onto the substrate then using a special pencil called a Stabilo Pencil, mark the center of the graphic.

Step 6) Apply the Graphic

There are many methods of applying the vinyl. The one featured in this short video is called the “hinge method”. It’s where you place a piece of masking tape across the middle of the graphic, then peel away the liner. Cut the liner then using a squeegee apply pressure to the adhesive exposed side of the vinyl graphic to the substrate. Do this for both sides.

Step 7) Remove the Pre-Mask Tape.

The beauty of Pre-Mask Tape is that it will remove only from the substrate, but leave the vinyl graphic intact. Pull off the layer of Pre-Mask tape to leave behind the vinyl graphic.

Step 8) Clean the Finished Sign

Using a mild cleaning agent like soap and water, wipe away the Stabilo Pencil marks.

Congratulations you’re finished!

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