Recently, SignWarehouse and Sawgrass held our joint webinar, Garment Decorating 101: What Do I Charge? The webinar was hosted by SignWarehouse Product Manager Jerry Barrax and presented by Sawgrass Manager of Consumer Education Jimmy Lamb. Here’s a breakdown of the different segments:

• Part 1 – What Does It Cost To Run My Business? or Operating Costs: Learn the processes to calculate overall operating costs for garment decorating. This will help you convert your annual sales and revenue targets into manageable daily and weekly goals and allow you to correctly add your overall operating costs to material costs for a specific job.

• Part 2 – What Does It Cost To Make Things I Sell? or Production Costs: Learn what it really costs to produce a decorated garment. The costs of ink and substrates aren’t the only factors. Cost varies depending on efficiency. Learn tips that boost efficiency, drive down your operating costs, and maximize profits.

• Part 3 – How Does the Number I Make Affect My Cost? or Production Techniques: Learn about how production techniques affect productivity, volume, pricing and profit. The cost of downtime can negatively impact operating cost and profitability. Learn to compensate for idle hours in your pricing strategy.

• Part 4 – What Other Production Costs Need to Be Tracked? or Marketing & Margins: Learn about how higher markups compensate for inevitable downtime. Choose your decorating garment markets based on profitability. Decorating items that have a powerful emotional connection for the customer can produce better margins than corporate commodities.

The download link for the spreadsheet is here.