Part 1: Intro and Overview: 8:28

Introduction to the format and overview of the OKIdata textile transfer printer line. The models presented are:
◘ OKI c831-TS
◘ OKI 711WT
◘ OKI Pro 8432WT
◘ OKI Pro 9541

Part 2: OKI Features & Advantages: 15:12

Overview of the unique features that make OKIdata textile transfer printers unique. Features of all four printers are discussed and those of the OKI textile transfer printer line in general.
The Advantages section compares OKI textile transfer printers to other garment decoration technologies including DTG (direct-to-garment), screen printing, and sublimation.

Part 3: How-to with Laser Transfer Media: 8:42

This section focused on how to use self-weeding laser transfer media. We offer a quick summary of the processes followed by video demonstrations. Products discussed are:
◘ One-step self-weeding transfer paper for decorating light apparel
◘ Two-step self-weeding foils for decorating dark apparel
◘ One-step self-weeding paper for decorating hard surfaces

Part 4: Troubleshooting Tips: 4:28

This section offers some time-saving tips on how to solve or avoid problems experienced by people new to laser transfer decoration. Tips offered range from advice on compatible hardware to design tips. Topics include:
◘ Compatible heat presses
◘ Temperature calibration
◘ Tips for ensuring even white toner & adhesive coating
◘ Design tips for one-step paper for white apparel
◘ TransferRIP features

Part 5: Summary and FAQ

Wrap up of the presentation with a summary of topics discussed, FAQ and contact info for getting answers to questions not addressed in the webinar.

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Supplemental Resources

For those interested in more research on the topics covered, we offer the following links and documents for your study and review. These resources will help you further assess whether an OKI textile transfer printer is the right product for your business, or help you shorten your learning curve and get up to speed with digital decoration.