OKI Laser Transfer Webinar

OKI Laser Transfer Webinar

Part 1: Intro and Overview: 8:28 Introduction to the format and overview of the OKIdata textile transfer printer line. The models presented are:◘ OKI c831-TS ◘ OKI 711WT◘ OKI Pro 8432WT ◘ OKI Pro 9541 Part 2: OKI Features & Advantages: 15:12 Overview of the unique...

PrismJET VJ-24 Setup Videos and Instructions

Customers are always excited to receive their new PrismJET VJ-24 printers. SignWarehouse shares your excitement, and we want to help you get the most out of your investment.

Follow step-by-step instructions for proper setup of your new printer to ensure lasting, quality performance.

See our technical site for additional maintenance instructions and to obtain further support.

A Closer Look at Sawgrass Virtuoso HD Dye-Sub Printers

Welcome to Sawgrass Virtuoso HD Dye Sublimation Printers

Learn about profitable and exciting new applications for dye sublimation. This includes performance apparel and accessories, decorated drinkware, and the expanding market for personalization.

With these trends creating new opportunities for digital decorators, and with Sawgrass creating better printers and simpler workflow, there’s never been a better time to consider dye sublimation.

A Closer Look at the PrismJET VJ48 Plus Printer

Welcome to A Closer Look at the PrismJET VJ48 Plus Webinar

This webinar shows you how affordable this 48″ wide format printer is. It produces exceptional value by virtue of its simplicity, reliability and versatility.

The PrismJET VJ48 Plus prints on vinyl, banner, or many other medias. AND it can also print on pre-grommeted banner material, as well. Find out all the possibilities in this webinar re-broadcast.

PrismJET VJ24X: New & eXciting 6 & 8 Color Printing

Here’s the webinar featuring the PrismJET VJ24X which shows the unique advantages of the this eco-solvent outdoor printer. In this webinar we’ll show you how the PrismJET VJ24X gives you…

  • The Benefits of Six and Eight Color Printing
  • Applications for White and Metallic Ink
  • Decals with a printer and cutter combo
  • New Ink Options Beyond White & Metallic

To see the PrismJET VJ24X, click this link.

Profitable Opportunities with the PrismJET VJ24 Printer

See what you can do using the PrismJET 628. This 24″ large format outdoor color printer is our most affordable and uses eco-solvent inks.

  • How to create durable T-shirt transfers for dark garments
  • How to create decals with a printer and cutter combo
  • Production advantages of a two machine Print & Cut system

To see the PrismJET VJ24 color printer, click this link.